Elly Belly

Cross Breed
  • Female
  • 1 yr 7 mths
  • HDB Approved
  • Zu Mei , 92238725 / zumei_toh@hotmail.com

Elly is kind of special, though she looks like a classic black and tan mongrel. She's come a long way, in fact my mom commented that she is the most obedient foster dog/pup we ever had in our place for the past 6 years or so.


She was bailed out from AVA on 8th Jan this year, she was already a month pregnant but we did not know. Soon after, she gave birth, the pups weaned off in 2 months and she still, didn't quite warm up. Don't get me wrong. She's sweet. She allowed us to handle her newborn pups and has never bare teeth or show any form of aggression. She was a little stone, kind of dazed I should say.


Soon after the pups wean off, she started having seizures. It was quite often, but now it's been 3.5 months since her last seizure. She looks more alert now. She's warmed up a lot, the biggest transformation I've seen actually.


For a dog that has been straying for year, I'm surprised her temperament is better than most dogs I've met, better than my dog that has been with me since he was 18 days old. From a dog that poops out of fear in car rides, to one that confidently sits on the floor throughout the entire journey. From a dog that has no reaction (NEA officers came to check for mosquitos and she didn't move an inch), to a dog that pounce and invites me for play. From a dog that is so timid and dare not step out of her previous fosterer's house, to one that hops and gallops to the lift lobby because she looks forward to her walks.


Hasn't she come a long way? I know her seizure is a main concern to many. It's my first time fostering a dog with seizure, the first time it was scary though I've seen videos and I thought I was prepared. Then I overcame it, and told myself I just have to help her. Now that her seizure is well under control with her daily medications, I see her as a perfectly normal dog. I won't label her as a sick dog because its been months since her last seizure. The vet mentioned that so long as her seizure is less than once her month, she is pretty safe.


Her medications don't cost much. Just the cost of you dining out once, at Swensen's maybe. Only $22 a month. If you read her story and is ready for a docile, quiet girl, she is the one for you. If you have questions pertaining to her seizures, feel free to ask me.


I don't like hard selling, I believe in waiting for the fateful someone who is right for her, who will give her the chance of a second home trial and be the end of it. Love her till the very end, and be there when she needs you. I have been honest about her medical condition because I don't want people who are unprepared. Even healthy dogs fall sick and grow old one day.


She is both indoor and outdoor trained, quiet and loves dogs. A peaceful dog to have that is contented with chews, walks, toys and plenty of food. Yup, she's a greedy one but she eats real gently.


You can contact me at 9223 8725 or zumei_toh@hotmail.com. If you know someone who will look past her seizure and see all the good in her, please don't hesitate to share this with them. She is HDB approved at 10kg full-grown.