Cross Breed
  • Male
  • 2 yrs 3 mths
  • Not HDB Approved
  • A Stray, 94301503

Adopt/foster Jacky boy.

Jacky has been in commercial boarding ever since he was rescued when he was 8 months old. He has improved in leaps and bounds ever since then. From a shy puppy who would totally avoid any form of human contact and would freaked when a leash is put on him to this young gentleman who now not only enjoys going on walks but would volunteerily come up to us for pats, treats and when its time to go walkie.

The only thing that Jacky really needs is to move forward in his training and this means going to a home environment and seeing how he fares at home. Enquiries never pan out most of the time as people are hesitatant to bring this boy home as we are not sure how he does at home.

From his life at the kennels, we can tell you that this boy has no problem getting along with other dogs, great during baths (will stand still when showering) and doesn't show signs of seperation anxiety which means he will probably do well when left alone at home.

Jacky just need his one shot at a home and this will make a whole lot of difference to his life. He is only 2 years young, we hate to see him spend anymore time in the shelter. Being in a home environment means he is constantly exposed to new things on a daily basis which helps Jacky to learn quicker!

Please give Jacky a chance, adoption all comes with a month long trial home stay so that we can be sure our dogs are a good fit in the household. Jacky is still a tad shy with strangers so ideally his new owners are willing to come and interact with Jacky at the shelter for a few weeks, take him out on walks before bringing him home. Jacky is worth the effort, give him a chance to show you that.

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