Huan Huan

Cross Breed
  • Male
  • 10 mths
  • HDB Approved
  • A Stray, 97659951/

Adopt Huan Huan!

5 months of his puppyhood spent in the kennels when Huan Huan should have been in a home loved like a king. As his siblings were all adopted and Huan Huan returned when he was only 4 months old, we can't help but feel a tinge of sadness as we visit him at the kennels daily. At only 9 months of age, this intelligent boy has a full life ahead of him and we hate to see him spend any more time stuck behind bars.

Reason as to why Huan Huan was returned was unfortunately circumstantial.

Everything was going well in Huan Huan's new home, the entire family was in love with him and commented on how well behaved he was and such a beautiful and gentle soul he had. He never caused any issues and the whole family had loved and cherished him as a part of the family.

Unfortunately his main caretaker, the mum of the family was sent overseas abruptly for work and left Huan Huan in the care of the rest of the family. Huan Huan had become very attached with the mum despite only being with them for about 1 month and couldn't understand why she left and didn't come back. He refused to eat or cooperate with the rest of the family when they tried taking him out for walks and just sat at the door with hopeful eyes waiting and waiting for the mum to come back. No matter how the rest of the family tried to coax him or cajole him, he couldn't be pacified. Due to the family's busy schedule, they also knew they wouldn't have sufficient time for him without the mum around.

Unfortunately, her posting overseas will be quite long and she will be alone in a foreign country thus cannot take Huan Huan along with her.

Thus Huan Huan is back at the shelter, visibly still very sad and pinning for his mama. We sincerely hope there would be another family out there who is willing to give him a chance and take him home so that he no longer has to stay at the shelter. With patience and love, Huan Huan will show you the love and loyalty he had shown his first family. He is a sweet, shy boy who is quiet, obedient and affectionate once he warms up. He walks well on the lead and is fully outdoor trained too.

Call 97659951 if you wish to give Huan Huan a forever home.

Huan Huan is 9 months old. HDB approved. Neutered.

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