Local Cross
  • Male
  • 4 yrs 10 mths
  • Not HDB Approved
  • ASD,

Description: Champ is a gentle giant who is an extremely friendly and affectionate dog. He is always excited to meet people and is happy mingling with other dogs. Because he is very strong, he would need an experienced handler when walking.
History: Champ was chained up outside a shop in the Chin Bee area and was emaciated and had skin issues. Even after we rescued him, he did not put on weight although we fed him copious amounts of food. We ran him through a battery of tests including an ultrasound and found that his colablamin (Vitamin B12) level was very low, supporting a diagnosis of intestinal issues. However with a monthly B12 injection, Champ’s condition has improved and he is now at a healthy weight.

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