Cross Breed
  • Female
  • 1 yr 10 mths
  • HDB Approved
  • FMN,

My brother and I are part of the TNRM Project in the North of Singapore. Before we were rescued, we only had one another. If this is your first time seeing us, you may even mistake us for twins! Not only do we look alike, our character are also quite similar. We are both shy by nature and would need time to warm up to you. However, once you get to know me, you would find that inside this reserved nature is a little child who would just love to have fun. Especially with kids! Nothing intrigues me more than following the toddlers around trying to be involved with all the fun. I am looking for someone who can awaken my inner nature. Would you be the one?

To adopt Violet, please contact the number / email listed above or fill in the following form below which will send an email to the welfare group:

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