Angel Blessing

Cross Breed
  • Female
  • 7 yrs 4 mths
  • Not HDB Approved
  • Kelly,

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Temperament / Personality:

In the aftermath of the ordeal, it was to everyone’s surprise to discover that Angel has a very pleasant personality even though she has lived as a stray for the past 3 years. She displayed a very mild and gentle temperament. Praise the Lord for His love showered onto homeless dogs like her! It is never too late to discover the beauty of His creation.

Today Angel is staying in a foster home waiting for a permanent home. She gets along with every dog and show affection to both humans and dogs with her kisses. No more eating of thrash thrown on the floor, spoilt food and contaminated water.

She is called Angel (Panda) because even though she looks beautiful in person, the photos often fail to reflect the beauty because of the black patches surrounding her eyes like that of a panda! It blends in so well that we cannot see her eyes in the photos!

History / Background: 

Angel lived as a stray since the day she was born into one of the canals along the main roads of eastern Singapore. Out of a litter of 9 pups, only four survived. On a daily basis, a small group of us feed them faithfully. However, in December 2013, something unfortunate happened to Angel. She picked up a mutton bone thrown to her by a young couple who was obviously ignorant about how to feed stray dogs. The mutton bone got stuck onto the lower right jaw of her mouth and she could not dislodge it. What follows next was 4 days of suffering. Her mouth became swollen and there was a constant flow of fresh blood mixed with saliva coming out of it. Her eye soon became swollen too. The mutton bone had obstructed the movement of her tongue in such a way that she could not drink nor eat anything. She couldn’t even get a sip of water because she could not roll her tongue upwards into her throat. Day after day Angel became weaker and her consciousness was slipping away slowly. It was a pitiful sight.

But thank God! By the 4th day, we managed to catch her and she was sent to the vet immediately. It seems like she instinctively knew she had been taken into good hands and she did not protest. Angel received a good and quick recovery.

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