• Male
  • 3 yrs 3 mths
  • Not HDB Approved
  • ASL, 97659951/astrayslife@yahoo.com

3 years old Kopi-O is up for adoption. This friendly boy warms up so easily with people, and loves you to rub his back. He will rubs his butt against you to ask you for more backrubs. 

Kopi-O enjoys the great outdoors, he enjoys going on long walks, runs and even swimming. Each day, he will wait at home with eagerness until you come home to bring him out for his walk. In the afternoon, when you are at work, Kopi-O spends most of his time either sleeping or chewing on his rawhide or toys. Since young, he has never been destructive. Kopi-O is very responsive to his name and eager to learn. 

Kopi-O is both paper trained and outdoor trained. He will need at least 2 walks per day to pee/poo. Kopi-O has grown up in a loving and nurturing foster environment thus really friendly with both humans and other dogs. He has been waiting 2 years for someone to give him a shot at a forever home!

Kopi-O is a loving, manja and fun boy. Anybody who meet him will fall in love, so call us at 97659951 to meet Kopi-O!



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