Small Girl

Local Breed
  • Female
  • 8 yrs 8 mths
  • Not HDB Approved
  • GPF, 81263950, WhatsApp preferred

Small Girl was born in an industrial estate to a mother dog infamous for her large litters. In Small Girl's case, this was a litter of about 13. Their rescuer was working at one of the businesses located in the estate. She helped feed and care for them. Unfortunately, when she went away for a period of 3 weeks, she came back to find the whole litter gone save for Small Girl and a larger sized sibling they knew as Big Girl. The next time the rescuer had to leave the shores of Singapore again, she contacted us to house them on a temporary basis until she returned. She did not want to take any more chances. What was meant to be a 3 month stay however turned permanent because we couldn't bear to let them return to the industrial estate. Small Girl is in fact a medium sized dog. Her name arises from the fact that she is smaller relative to her sister, Big Girl who has a bigger physique than the average mongrel. Small Girl - or sometimes Smalley to us, is slightly shy with new faces. However, it only takes a short walk for her to get over her shyness. She is actually a mature, calm and steady dog who's a quiet joy to have around. Big Girl was adopted in 2014 after 3 years with us, leaving Small Girl to take up the reins as de facto leader of their kennel. If you?re looking for a level-headed, sensible and yet affectionate companion, then Small Girl is perfect for you. She's certainly perfect for us! For adoption enquiries, please email us at

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