Dou Dou

Local Cross Breed
  • Female
  • 3 yrs 6 mths
  • Not HDB Approved
  • A Stray, 97659951/

Hi, its me, Dou Dou.

I have been in the kennels since my rescue 1 year ago. I was living in a farm where I was scared of everything and always hiding. Once, I got hit by a car, and it really hurt so much, but I was too scared so I went to hide. It was awhile before the pain went away after that I couldn't walk properly. One day, I got caught in a trap and some people brought me to a clinic. I got surgery and got all better. Since then all I have seen of the world is 4 walls and metal grilles. I was moved to a nicer kennel where the staff here let me out for some grass time everyday, however, is that all to the world?

I am looking for a forever home, someone to show me that the world is not so scary beyond the metal grilles. I have been to a few adoption drives, but I am too scared so I hide behind my handler. Would you give me a chance?


I can be a little fussy with food, but that's because I am bored of eating the same thing everyday. Will you cook something special for me once in awhile?


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