Cross Breed
  • Male
  • 3 yrs 7 mths
  • Not HDB Approved
  • ASL, 97659951/

Cute little Jello was very popular when he was young being the little white puppy of the litter, it was no surprise he was quickly adopted. A lovely family with children, we thought that it would be a sweet and loving sight for Jello to grow up with children.

However, his happiness was not to be. 
As he grew, the kids lost interest in him and his adopters banished him to the backyard, void of allhuman company. The adopter stopped feeding him too much because they complained that he poos too much. Jello wasn't given the proper training since young but the adopters had miraculously expected Jello to be the perfect dog. 

Jello has a lot of issues and anxiety being abused at what we thought would be his forever home. This is a boy who was banished in the backyard, starved and void of all human contact since young. His life was treated worst than a stray on the street. This is why, when he sees food now, he eat as if he will not have food tomorrow. He needs a loving and patient family to train him well. He might be a little anxious on the leash at first as he has never been out of the house. His owners had used a shock collar on him to stop him from barking.

The lack of training since young really made a huge impact on his life, Jello is safe in a foster home however fosterers do not have the expertise to train him proper. Jello and his siblings were rescued from AVA when they were 3 weeks old puppies, when they fell sick, our fosterer spent a lot of time feeding them their food, medicine, making sure they are comfortable, waking up in the middle of the night when they cry. To see Jello turn out this way, really hurts us. 

Jello needs a new foster/training school who have the expertise and knowledge to train Jello using the right method. Unfortunately, his current fosterers do not have this knowledge. We would one day hope to see Jello rehabilitated and adopted.  If anybody is willing to foster him, we will provide all food as he eats a lot. 

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