Happy Tails

21 May 2016

Why Caring for a Pet Makes You Healthier and Happier

If you have ever owned a pet, you are probably already aware of how much fun and joy they bring to the home. We make sure that we do whatever we can to take good care of our pets, but did you know that our pets also take good care of us?
17 Jan 2016

Lucky, the canteen dog

Lucky the canteen dog who was badly wounded in Nov, was discharged in early December and found a loving adopter very quickly. We finally got to visit him today, and boy, we saw a different Lucky !
15 Sep 2015

Flappy, vet signed him off as "pts" at SPCA

My first dog adopted in Singapore. Vet signed him off as "pts" at the SPCA as he tried to bite someone trying to feed him medicine. He was later kept briefly by the kind vet and later adopted to us.
27 Aug 2014


Celeste was adopted from a retired breeding dog, from Voices For Animals on 15 July 2013. We brought our first dog Almond along, intending to get her a fellow Westie as companion.
30 Apr 2014

Nikki turns 2

Reminiscing the fat puppy days of Nikki, she turned 2 today! She was found by Michelle one July sitting at the void deck for 6 hours.
24 Mar 2014

Dim Dim, King of the Sofa

We got married in 2012 and moved into our new flat in October of that year. We always knew we wanted to have a dog, but we didn't expect to find our fur-covered companion so quickly.