15 Sep 2015

Flappy, vet signed him off as "pts" at SPCA

Shared by Jacquelyn R Lim at https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10153584670558428

My first dog adopted in Singapore. Vet signed him off as "pts" at the SPCA as he tried to bite someone trying to feed him medicine. He was later kept briefly by the kind vet and later adopted to us.

A mighty terror who terrorised at first elderly ladies, and later decided he did not like men in general.

Bit a few of us at home, terrorised his dog training classmates and did not "graduate" but we loved him to bits!

Passed on abt 8yrs later due to lung cancer and he did have heart murmur too. Flappy was likely a Pom, Corgi mix.