18 Mar 2013

Cadbury reunited after 1 day

Shared by Wei Ket at https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151502313382495&set=pb.511137494.-2207520000.1393578907.&type=3&theater

On 11 Feb 2013, while walking my dog, I spotted a poodle without collar. Without hesitation, I ran to carry him and brought him home. He was not sterilised, recently groomed and about 5-10 years old. After putting on a spare collar on him and leashing him, I brought him downstairs to look for his owner. I noticed he walked well on leash without tugging. Unfortunately, I could not find his owner.

I brought him back home and bathed him. My family helped to print some posters with his photo and my contact number and we pasted them around my block. He stayed in my room while my dog roamed in the living room. Whenever I was out of his sight, he would whine constantly.

The next day, my kind friend who has a microchip scanner scanned him but there was no microchip. I understood the consequences of picking him up. If his owner could not be found, I would have to foster him for 2 weeks and attempt to rehome him. If he was sick, I would have to pay for his medical bills. If it was contagious, my dog would fall sick too. However, being an animal lover, I could not ignore him when I saw him.

My mom was visibly upset as she could only accept one dog in the house. I assured her that I would keep him inside my room and be responsible for him.

Disappointed, we had no choice but to wait. With some luck, his owner saw the poster and called me. To verify she was the real owner, I asked some questions about the poodle to which she answered correctly. When the poodle saw his owner, he kept jumping around her and when she carried him, he licked her face. I was convinced she was his owner.

The owner thanked me sincerely for finding and taking care of her poodle. She said his name is Cadbury and he was 10 years old. She explained her parents were at home when he ran out of the house.

To all dog owners, please sterilise and microchip your dogs. If he is lost and someone finds him, the microchip will help tremendously in reuniting both of you.