28 Mar 2013

The day Coco came home

Shared by Madhu, Dhruv Verma and family

When the doorbell rang, I was still wondering what surprise my mum had in store for me. I threw open the door and gaped at my new four legged friend. My mum knew that Coco was the dog I had wanted when I first saw her amongst many at the adoption camp. I had a huge grin on my face as Hilda led Coco inside our house.

It took me back a couple of months when we were still discussing about getting a dog. We were clear from the start that we would adopt one.  We were aware how shelters struggle to take care of so many abandoned dogs and personally it would be very fulfilling knowing that we could give one a loving home.  It’s sad that most people choose to buy puppies as they look cute but there are issues related to breeding them too quickly resulting in genetic illnesses, poor health and behavioural problems that only show as they grow older.  People are unsure of the dog’s origin and they think that rescue dogs will never settle in.  Infact it may be safer to adopt one than to buy a puppy.

It’s true that sometimes a recued dogs have been through a hard life and may take a few weeks or months to settle in.  When Coco first arrived, she would just stay in the living room. She didn't even sleep well for the first few nights. But after a couple of weeks, she tried on her own and, with some caution, explored the rest of the house and quickly adjusted to her new home. During the first few weeks, she used to be very scared around other dogs.  I guess because she had to survive amongst 50 other dogs in the centre and fight to be safe.  She wouldn't even climb stairs, probably it was a new thing for her. With little training she was fine.

With regular walks and socializing sessions, she became more confident and adjusted to her new environment.  She seemed like any other dog and may be more loving and affectionate. What’s more, she also was toilet trained.  I have heard stories of how a puppy can mess up the house or chew on furniture or beddings.

We didn’t have any such problems with Coco.  Coco has always been a great companion and regular walks has made my whole family more active.  It is truly rewarding to have CoCo.

Coco has come a long way from a scared dog to a confident & happy member of our family.  She is very friendly with the kids in the block.  I can see in her eyes that I have fulfilled a dog's dream.   I hope I can inspire more pet lovers to adopt a dog than to buy one…. When you give these faithful companions a caring home, they will shower so much love that you know you did the right thing!