My Dog Is Missing

My dog is missing, what should I do?

1. Email with your dog's name, breed, gender, microchip number (if any), last seen location, last seen date, facebook link (if any) and attach a photo.
A notice will be posted in as soon as possible.

2. Before searching, bring your name cards and/or paper and pen to write your contact number on.
Immediately search different levels of your block, around your block and places you frequent with him such as the playground.
In the process, politely ask neighbours and passers-by to look out for him and give them your contact number.
Wear shoes instead of slippers, as running in slippers cause loud noises which may scare him away.

3. Get his microchip number from his microchip cert. If not, you may have written it somewhere. Email:
stating that your dog is missing, they will check their existing records and keep further lookout.

4. Print some posters (colour if possible) and paste around nearby blocks, as far as 10 blocks away.
Include info such as his name, breed, gender, colour, distinguishing features, special behaviour and your contact number.

5. Call Straits Times classified at 1800-289-9988 to post a missing dog ad, it is free.

6. Post a photo of your missing dog in your Facebook with visibility public.
Copy and paste that post's link into the Facebook of various dog welfare groups.

7. Email and/or call vets nearby your area as someone may have found him and passed him to a vet.
The list of vets can be found at vets list.