Project Adore

In May 2012, SPCA and ASD spearheaded Project ADORE, where mongrels under 15kg and 50cm are allowed in HDB flats. Under Project ADORE, the adopter needs to:

1. Sign the adoption agreement with SPCA or ASD, and pay the adoption fee
2. Microchip, vaccinate, sterilise and license the dog
3. Undergo compulsory Basic Obedience Training
4. Sign Code of Responsible Behavior (CORB)

As of Mar 2014, 64 dogs have been rehomed under Project ADORE and none of the dogs have been returned to SPCA or ASD.

In Mar 2014, Ministry of National Development, AVA and HDB transitioned Project ADORE from a pilot scheme to permanent programme, with the addition of Save Our Street Dogs (SOSD).