Local Breed
  • Female
  • 6 yrs 11 mths
  • HDB Approved
  • GPF, 81263950, WhatsApp preferred

Rosie was rescued together with two of her other siblings by a private rescuer and housed in a kennel a few rows before Gentle Paws premise. She would always be barking at us when we walked pass her kennel to get to Gentle Paws. With her low-pitched bark and looks, I thought she was a boy. She had bald patches and red raw spots over her body, a pair of funny ears and a very prominent bruised right eye, which looked like she has just gotten in a bar fight the previous night. As the folks of Gentle Paws get to know her caretaker better, we requested to help walk the dogs in her kennel when we had time to spare. Imagine my shock when she was introduced to me as “Rosie”!! She had a very bad skin problem, which explained her “tattered-and-torn” look. Her skin condition had improved since we took over her care. However, in most people's eyes, she is still far from pretty. But, there are so many endearing traits of her if people can just take the item to get to know her and see the beauty in her. She yearns for human affection, she would always walk up shyly to people, but when they went ahead and pat her, she would try to move away. She does this silly welcome dance when she sees her favourite human friends. Despite her size, this sweet, silly girl gets bullied by her smaller build sister. Rosie, is like this sweet, adorable, awkward girl waiting to be noticed. Will you be that special someone who looks beyond her looks?

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