• Female
  • 15 yrs 7 mths
  • Not HDB Approved
  • GPF, 81263950, WhatsApp preferred farmwaylove@gmail.com

Katja and four of her colleagues are retired working dogs. Because they are so good in their work, their retirement was delayed. After they have been honourably discharged, despite the best effort of their employer, they were not able to find a home. We all thought that perhaps they might have better luck in a different environment. That is how they came to us here at Gentle Paws.

Katja is the first female retired working dog we took in. This cheerful girl warmed up to us almost immediately. She is extremely friendly and affectionate. She is very intelligent too!!. When you enter her kennel, she would run and greets you excitedly. She would poke her snout under your palm, creating a delusional pat for herself. If you are squatting down and she really likes you, she would bury her head in your lap and give her face a good rub too before she emerges again and ask for more pats. She follows you like a puppy, hoping to play a game of fetch. Katja has a very young soul trapped in an old body.

Katja went on her first trial homestay recently. Sadly, it failed, as it was just a mismatch. I was there when she said her final goodbye to the family. As they walked away in the direction of their car, I could tell she thought she was going home with them. There was a pull in her leash as she leaned her body in their direction. Her good training and intelligence probably tell her that she is back at shelter for good until the next family comes along. She took it all in stride, so much better than the humans did. We were disappointed and sad that it did not work out for her. Instead of moping around, she can be seen running around excitedly in her kennel, living in the moment, just enjoying the day. The positivity in her attitude is truly amazing. She is special. During her trial homestay, she went on her own little adventure to a nearby riding club for the handicapped. She had sneaked out. We had a shock when we received a call about a dog. Over the phone, we could tell that both humans and dog was having fun. There was laughter in the background. The caller in his amused tone informed us of the fun they are having, how smart she is. People so easily feel her smarts and positivity. It is that easy to fall in love with her. Everyone needs a bit of sunshine in his or her life; let sunny Katja brightens up your day. Give her a home and you will never feel down and out whenever she is by your side.

For adoption enquiries, please email us at farmwaylove@gmail.com.

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