German Shepherd
  • Male
  • 14 yrs 7 mths
  • Not HDB Approved
  • GPF, 81263950, WhatsApp preferred

Bex and four of his colleagues are retired working dogs. Because they are so good in their work, their retirement was delayed. After they have been honourably discharged, despite the best effort of their employer, they were not able to find a home. We all thought that perhaps they might have better luck in a different environment. That is how they came to us here at Gentle Paws. A different environment from their past, where they can slowly learn to relax and adjust to a non-working mode. The change in Bex is amazing!!!

When Bex first came to us, he would not take any treats we offer, not without much hesitation. Now he would eagerly wag his tail and use his loving puppy eyes to ask for treats when we are distributing them. Coupled with his half-mast ears, probably a result of the aural haematoma that he has since recovered from, it is impossible to say “no” to him. Bex takes some time to warm up to new people, but once you gained his trust, he is like this giant baby. Very eager for your touch and will shamelessly roll over for a belly rub, using his front paw at times to pat your other hand, as if telling you that you are doing a fine job with the belly rub. Such a sweet boy, isn’t he?

Just when he is ready to embrace a new life, Bex was diagnosed with early stage of kidney failure. After months of special diet and kidney enzymes, the reading from his blood test is within the normal range. He could continue to enjoy years of good life. The passing of a pet is devastating, but we are still hoping to find a big-hearted family who is willing to take that leap of faith and give Bex a place to call his home. Please, take a chance on him. 

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