German Shepherd
  • Male
  • 12 yrs 4 mths
  • Not HDB Approved
  • GPF, 81263950, WhatsApp preferred

Bono and four of his colleagues are retired working dogs. Because they are so good in their work, their retirement was delayed. After they have been honourably discharged, despite the best effort of their employer, they were not able to find a home. We all thought that perhaps they might have better luck in a different environment. That is how they came to us here at Gentle Paws. A different environment from their past, where they can slowly learn to relax and adjust to a non-working mode. The first thing that people know about Bono is to exercise caution in your approach. We warned the new faces to keep their distance. I guess it is fair to say that he does not do so well with first impressions.

His dark almond-shaped eyes, beautiful ash coat, pointed upright ears and bushy tail makes him one of the most handsome German Shepherd I have met. He exudes confidence and poise. He looks muscular and fearless. Bono is a reserved dog that does not make friends immediately, but once he does, he is extremely loyal and protective. He is aloof but not usually aggressive. What he lacks in friendliness, he made up for in courage and loyalty.

Bono is very intelligent and well trained. He does not bark for no reason, even when all the dogs are barking their lungs out. He does not tug, he walks calmly by your side or behind you as in his mind, the leader of the pack lead the way. With this highly skilled working dog comes a drive to have a job and a task in life. He watches with interest any task being undertaken in the shelter, rarely getting distracted. He loves ball chasing and frisbee catching. It is during his playtime that one sees the puppy in him. German Shepherd is prone to elbow and hip dysplasia, so some volunteers brought him and Bex swimming. It was his first time and he took to it like a pro. Beneath his aloof exterior lies a pure heart who wants to be pampered and loved. Bono just needs an owner who has an air of natural authority (absolutely no harsh discipline) to his demeanour and the courage to take the first step to get to know him. If you have what it takes and a genuine love for this boy, come make friend with him, maybe he will let you bring him home and be your most faithful companion. 

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