Eagle Blessing

Cross Breed
  • Female
  • 9 yrs 6 mths
  • Not HDB Approved
  • Kelly, Blessings77777@gmail.com

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Eagle is the sibling of Shepherd, Bravo and Angel. We have finally completed the rescue of the COURTS dogs when Eagle took the bait we set on 13 October 2016. She was the last to be rescued after 5 years. What a sweet victory that cannot be adequately described in words. Only God knows how thankful we are to Him. Every day was a danger to Eagle's life ever since JTC tore down the forest and drove her to live in the canal for the past 2 years. A few other dogs have died due to drowning and being hit by the construction equipment.



Eagle is food motivated. She is highly intelligent and this is why it took so long to catch her. Eagle is learning how to behave like the rest of the dogs at the shelter and slowly opening up as she gradually realized that she is now in a safe place and she can be carefree. Why not consider adopting a dog who has been through hard times and enjoy seeing the fruits of how she blossom. It is a different sweetness from adopting a dog from puppy age.

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