Golden Retriever
  • Male
  • 9 yrs 4 mths
  • Not HDB Approved
  • Hope Dog Rescue,

Poor Charlie was clearly a victim of abandonment. He was found leashed to a lamp post for hours - he must have felt really scared and helpless as his gums and mouth were bleeding from biting at the leash. A kind soul took him home before we managed to pick him up and rushed him to the vet. Read more on his rescue here.  

Charlie is relatively healthy and is estimated to be 12 years old. He has, however, shown early signs of cataract and would need to be on supplements for his kidney, liver and joints. Charlie is on two home cooked meals a day - with 600 g of meat plus a serving of vegetables and fruits per meal. He also needs a minimum of two walks per day and due to his skin condition, he needs air conditioning or fan at home.

Perhaps due to the trauma, Charlie has mild separation anxiety and will bark for a while when there’s no one around. He also has a fear of rain/thunder/loud noise. Bearing in mind that Charlie is a senior dog, it's important that his future family is aware of the physical and financial needs to adopt him.

Will you provide this poor abandoned boy a forever home again? 

You can read more about Charlie here

Sorry, this dog has been adopted