Goven Blessing

Cross Breed
  • Male
  • 1 yr 2 mths
  • Not HDB Approved
  • Kelly,

Goven was rescued on 30th Oct 2017. Goven means "Given by God". Truely his miracle is nothing short of a miracle. Reason being we actually caught him on 22 Oct 2017. However he either escaped or was released by someone from the enclosure. After that we search for him for the next 8 days there was not a single trace of him or sound of his cry. We presumed the worst case senario because he was so small and we actually spotted a huge long snake in the vicinity just a week ago. However we decided to give it one last try. Thank God he appeared out of the bushes! He was all worn out and not in a very good shape but he is a survivor!

Goven is playful like most pups but adorable and teachable

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