Dalice (Shy but Frie

Local Breed
  • Female
  • 2 yrs 5 mths
  • Not HDB Approved
  • Gentle Paws, farmwaylove@gmail.com or watsapp 81263950 (preferr

Dalice used to live under a flyover near a big green field where there are tiny flowers and butterflies. She was free but lived in constant hunger with her young mummy. One day, the duo strayfeeders aka her rescuers aka the dognappers (in her eyes) found her all alone. They waited for her mummy, but she did not turn up. It was decided that she was too young to be left alone to fend for herself, so they grab her and brought her back. She was merged with four other puppies rescued from nearby vicinity of where she was found. She was so scared and was shivering when she received her first shower. Despite her fear, she did not exhibit any aggressiveness. She is reserved and takes time to warm up. We could tell that she wanted to join in when the other puppies played with us, but she is cautious, probably still recovering from the shock of being separated from her mummy. Dalice maybe one of those dogs that take a longer time than others to be affectionate and feel close to you. But she is certainly making progress. With a patient and steady adopter, Dalice too will be able to do well in a home and blossom into a happy loving dog. 

Dalice is a Singapore Special puppy (Mongrel) and likely to be of medium size when fully grown (i.e. unlikely to be HDB approved). She is just three months old and is too young to be left alone at home. Young Dalice is looking for a loving home. Please email farmwaylove@gmail.com or watsapp 81263950 (preferred) for more information.


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