Sheeba Blessing

Cross Breed
  • Female
  • 6 yrs 4 mths
  • HDB Approved
  • Kelly,

Sheeba was rescued on 24 Sept 2018 from a huge canal. She has a blind eye and she was very skinny... so skinny that we weren't certain if she was pregnant or just have a stomach full of worms. However before the veterinarian could be arranged to come to the shelter to do a physical assessment of Sheeba, she started giving birth at 5pm the following day. Lo and behold, 11 puppies were born into a safe and clean environment. Otherwise they could either be washed away in the canal or drown in some self-dug pit in the forested area next to the huge canal because it rained cats and dogs the few days following Sheeba's rescue. We thank God for saving these 12 lives.

Sheeba is a very sweet girl despite having a harsh life as a stray before rescue. The veterinarian suspect that the left eye was already blinded as a puppy when she was plagued with a sickness. Although she survived and overcome the sickness, this left eye is beyond repair - blind but not causing her anymore pain / discomfort. Even with a limited vision as compared with the average dog, she is a smart dog - probably this is how she survived for 2 years out there. She learned how to pee on fake grass in the shelter on her own; if she does it on newspaper, she will cover it up cleanly. And she is a splendid mummy who fed all 11 puppies well thereby enabling them to grow up healthly.

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