Cross Breed
  • Male
  • 6 yrs 11 mths
  • HDB Approved
  • A Stray, 97659951/

Nehneh's chunky frame definitely makes him the most huggable of them all, and bonus is he loves to cuddle! This boy is definitely the 'lao da' of the family. He acts and behaves like one, taking care of his mischievous younger brothers (when they were younger) and they like to run out of the farm. He watches their every move closely and make sure they do not get into trouble. If trouble arises, he is the first to take a stand against it. His common brown look did not really stand out among the boys, but oh boy did every single one working at the farm fell in love with his amazing temperament and he has been their favourite ever since! (Don't tell the others)

Nehneh is calm, respectful of his surroundings and loves other dogs. Can you believe he was once abused? In the first year of his life, he was adopted, then rehome by his first owner multiple times before we caught wind of his whereabouts, by then, he was banished somewhere with a metal chain stuck tightly around his neck. When we rescued him, the chain was heavily embedded in his skin and we had to pry it out of his flesh. Eventually he recovered, forgave and became the most amazing sweetest lovable boy out there.

Nehneh is useless as a guard dog, more like a guide dog. He is always the first to welcome customers at the farm and follows them around to make sure that they get what they are looking for. He is super giving towards his family and always the last to start eating, waiting for his siblings to eat first. He does help finish up all the leftovers thus the 'sexy' figure he has now. :)

Nehneh is 6 years old, fully outdoor trained, no separation anxiety, super calm and loving boy now on the lookout for his forever home!

Please call 97659951 if you are keen to giving this amazing boy a home!

Sorry, this dog has been adopted