Moon Moon

Cross Breed
  • Female
  • 10 yrs 4 mths
  • HDB Approved
  • A Stray, 97659951/

When it comes to food, Moon Moon is the first!

Despite her age, Moon Moon is as fit as a fiddle. However we have had zero enquiries to bringing her home. Whether it be temporarily fostering or giving her a place to call her own for the remainder of her life.

Yes it may be heartbreaking to have only a couple of years with her, but just stop and think about how she feels, having already spent more than half her life behind a metal fence. Does she have to die a lonely death behind that same metal fence, facing four walls 24/7, only catching a breather of fresh air once a week?

Moon Moon needs a home and we are not going to lie, she might have a couple more years or she may live to 20, who knows? What we want is for her to start a new life, gain new experience, no matter how short or long her life might be on this earth.

Please give her a chance to prove her lovingness to you and show her what is love, care and to be part of a family.

Call 97659951 if Moon Moon seems like the right fit for you.

*Moon Moon must be the only dog in the house*

Sorry, this dog has been adopted