Xiu Xiu

Cross Breed
  • Female
  • 5 yrs 8 mths
  • HDB Approved
  • A Stray, 97659951/astrayslife@yahoo.com

Once a stray living amongst car repair workshops. Xiu Xiu was that shy little girl that would stand from a far as she watched her friends being fed, salivating at the smell of that freshly made home cooked food in the air. We had to feed her only after the others were full, if not they would go and snatch her food from right under her nose. She could only walk away, afraid of confrontations. None of the people working there took a liking to her, well, how could they as she always stood far far away quietly observing.

Hardly a manja affectionate dog. Her more affectionate siblings had won over some people there and had 'owners' to call their own. Yes, there is biases especially more so in such areas. People naturally tend to favor the friendly affectionate ones. However we loved Xiu Xiu, for her patience, kindness and gentleness shown through those mesmerising eyes. We knew that given a chance she had so much to offer. Her life changed when a loving fosterer opened their home to her and she only blossomed from then on.

Perfect for first time owner, low maintanence, happy to go lucky, chill girl. Anyone would be extremely lucky to welcome this sweet girl into your home. Her face shows scars of her days on the streets, just a daily reminder of how much this girl has been through and reminders of how much love we have to make up to her.

If you are looking for a dog to adopt and would like to consider Xiu Xiu, please give us a call at 97659951.

Xiu Xiu is a 5 year old sterilised female Singapore Special. She is HDB approved. Fully grass trained. Extremely laid back personality and gets along with dogs and cats.


Sorry, this dog has been adopted