Local Cross
  • Female
  • 11 mths
  • Not HDB Approved
  • ASD,

Description: Gabby has very striking colouring and is very intelligent. She learns extremely fast and can understand basic commands like sit, shake and stay and is toilet trained outdoors (she should be able to learn to do on pee pads again if necessary). Gabby is affectionate to people she is familiar with but can be dominant and protective of her family. She will bark at strangers initially but warms up fairly quickly. She is high energy, mischievous (likes messing up plants, playing with soil) and is very food driven. She tends to bully pups her own size but she gets along just fine with larger dogs. Gabby will thrive with an experienced family who has the time to train and exercise her. She is best suited in a home with no young children or frequent visitors.
History: Gabby was rescued from a recycling plant in Lim Chu Kang together with 5 other siblings and their mother.

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