Cross Breed
  • Male
  • 10 yrs 2 mths
  • Not HDB Approved
  • Hope Dog Rescue,

* Medium-sized, weighs about 22 Kg
* Walks well on leash. Grass trained but knows how to use the pee pad
* Not sterilized. Vaccinated
* Friendly, no aggression with humans
* Territorial with other dogs so best in a single pet household
* Skin allergy

Sharpei is a sweet-natured dog. You have to be tough to survive on the streets. But Sharpei was so sweet that he used to end up being bullied by the other strays.Our volunteers had been feeding Sharpei as a stray for a while and only decided to rescue him when they noticed that he had an eye injury.

Sharpei loves human attention, and is very affectionate with humans. He is not as good with other dogs, most likely because he used to be bullied by them and his first instinct when meeting other dogs is to defend himself.

That is not to say that he cannot play nice with other dogs, just that he needs to be introduced to them slowly. Sharpei does have some skin problems which could be due to either a food or environmental allergy. When his allergies flare up, it can result in a doggy scent that people with sensitive noses might find hard to tolerate. There are treatments available for skin allergies but they require commitment to administer which is a challenge in a boarding situation.

He is  currently in boarding because we do not have experienced fosters who can take in a rescued dog who has never lived in a home environment before. It is such a pity that he's locked up in boarding because he really is a very friendly dog who absolutely loves to be in the company of people and would make for a very loyal companion. If you would
like to give this goofy cuddlebug a chance, please email

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