Cross Breed
  • Female
  • 15 yrs 4 mths
  • HDB Approved
  • Save Our Street Dogs (SOSD, info@sosd.org.sg

Wonder was found hiding under a lorry, weak and emaciated.

We quickly brought Wonder to the vet for a check up, and found that she had a medley of health issues – her eyes and ears were infected, and her skin blotchy. She was also urinating blood due to urinary tract infection (UTI), and vets found a tumour growing at her vagina. She also was barely bearing weight on one of her hind legs, but thankfully x-rays doesn’t suggest any need for surgery for the moment. As she was doing poorly, she was warded at the hospital for a few days.

She gradually regained some strength, and was given the OK to be discharged for care at the shelter.

Wonder would need be started on a 6-week chemotherapy course once she has completed treatment for her UTI in another week’s time. We take heart that she’s looking brighter with each passing day, and despite her age, we hope she’d eventually be able to find a home to live out her days.

Wonder’s face and body are tell tale signs of a tough life as a stray. She’s had it hard, but remains a sweet and gentle girl. We estimate her to be around 10 years old, and with proper medical care, we are hopeful that she has a good few years left in her. .

Do consider giving an older dog a home. That’s the very least they deserve after all they’ve been through. If you’re keen to adopt Wonder or any of our senior dogs, do write in to us!

To adopt Wonder, please contact the number / email listed above or fill in the following form below which will send an email to the welfare group:

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