Cross Breed
  • Male
  • 5 yrs 10 mths
  • Not HDB Approved
  • Exclusively Mongrels,

Chewbacca was returned to us back in Apr 2019, when his adopters separated, left SG and we were given a week to take him back.

We were not prepared for what unraveled before us as time passed by. Chewbacca had aggression, lunges randomly at kids and strangers and is extremely alert like a well trained guard dog.

We received a lot of enquiries when we first posted his adoption but due to his issues, we could not find a suitable and experienced adopter who would be happy to work with Chewbacca and ensure he settles in and become a good canine citizen.

He’s since been staying with his fosterer for about a year and we thought it best that we get a testimony from them on what Chewbacca is like in their home and what are his challenges.....

< When Chewie first came to our home, we were reminded to give him space and let him approach us in his own time. We practically ignored him and he actually came up to us on the very first day and licked our faces!

We continued to take it slow and gradually built trust with him during our daily interactions and trainings. Chewie grew to become really sweet and affectionate with us, licking our faces all over, occasionally burrowing his head into our arms, sometimes even sneaking up our beds to snuggle with us.

But alas, as Chewie started to get comfortable with us and with his new home, he started to display some behavioural problems. He was barking at the door in the middle of the night at the slightest sound - we could leave our doors unlocked and not have to worry about burglars. That hypervigilance was extended to our walks too and he became increasingly difficult to manage, especially because of the many blindspots and tight spaces in our HDB. To give a flavour, he would lunge and bark at cats, people dragging their feet, slow-moving elderly, toddlers - whatever was unfamiliar to him.

We worked closely with EM’s trainer on his behavioural problems and fast forward 8 months later, Chewie has really improved tremendously. He is now generally calm at home with occasional but not uncontrollable barking. Chewie is also much more manageable on the walks now on a gentle leader head collar and a loose long leash. He is very inquisitive and adventurous by nature, and has learnt to enjoy his walks by sniffing more, exploring new areas and hunting for chameleons. Highly intelligent, he enjoys training and has learnt a repertoire of cues, life skills & tricks - e.g. wait/free, emergency recall, heel, focus, sit/down/stand/stay, search, fetch, touch.  Unlike before, he rarely gets triggered nowadays unless in response to a barking dog or something unpredictable that scares him.

To interested adopters - Give Chewie time and space, and he will reveal to be the most affectionate dog once the trust has been established. He is perfect at home, being 100% grass trained, independent and non-destructive even if left at home for long hours. Food motivated with a strong prey drive, Chewie loves and thrives on reward-based training. Future owners will need to be patient and committed to working closely with EM’s trainer to learn how to communicate effectively with him (no tight leash pls!).

Having visitors to his home is still work-in-progress, so his future owners will need to be able to give him his own segregated space at a good distance from visitors while continuing to work on this. Like most SS, Chewie also has some food allergy and will need to be on a special diet until it improves.>

Unfortunately, due to the proximity of public housing and numerous blind spots at almost every corner, Chewbacca would do best in a landed property where he has the space to run around.

If you feel that you may be a good fit for Chewbacca, please reach out via WhatsApp to 97890569 or drop us a PM.

Follow Chewbacca on his adventures @justchewing on IG.

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