Cross Breed
  • Male
  • 5 yrs 7 mths
  • Not HDB Approved
  • Exclusively Mongrels,

Some of you may recall seeing Alaska’s adoption post couple of years ago, when he was returned to us when his first adopter had a baby and they couldn’t manage him anymore when he started to display a change in temperament. He came back to us skittish, bitey and had several issues, which took us a few months to rehabilitate.

He was subsequently rehomed to another family, and after a year with them, Alaska was returned to us again in Apr 2020, because he was peeing and pooping indoors and they couldn’t manage it

It’s been 4 months since this gorgeous white boy is back with us. He is not without quirks but certainly not undeserving of a good and responsible family who will be patient enough to walk the journey with him.

Perhaps we made 2 mistakes of rehoming him to the wrong families, but we hope to make it right the 3rd time. We owe it to this boy, whom we literally saw grow up till today, his journey has been very bumpy ever since he was returned to us the first time.

Alaska has been through a lot and we need to ensure his next adopter is fully aware of his quirks and remain committed to continue his next chapter with him.

1. Strictly no kids

2. Strictly no elderly

3. Landed house with grass (Alaska has issues walking outdoors as he gets very timid, hence a house with garden would suit him better for the initial phase)

4. Raw diet (he has very sensitive skin)

5. Willing to engage a professional trainer

6. Has a confident and playful dog at home (Alaska is good with dogs)

7. Must be patient with Alaska and give him the time and space to warm up to a new environment and strangers

Alaska is estimated to be 3.5 years, sterilized, vaccinated, healthy, and chipped.  He is extremely food motivated (trump card!), and needs a lot of work on leash walking to build up his confidence.

Perhaps the list is too much to ask, but we would rather be upfront about his quirks and what profile would suit Alaska the most.

We are aware that the potential adopter that matches the list may be extremely elusive, but we will not give up trying to find him the best match.

If you think you fit the profile, and would like to meet Alaska, please contact us or WhatsApp to 9789 0569. No calls please.

To adopt Alaska, please contact the number / email listed above or fill in the following form below which will send an email to the welfare group:

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