Wonder Jr Blessing

Cross Breed
  • Male
  • 2 yrs 1 mth
  • HDB Approved
  • Kelly, Blessings77777@gmail.com


Wonder was found loitering inside a nursery on the morning of 19 October 2020. The workers tried to chase him away because he was approaching and scaring customers. He refused to leave and when we got news of this incident, we drove down to see if  we can do anything about it. Upon arrival we realized that it was just a young dog. We didn't have to do any coaxing or introduction, he came straight to us. One of the volunteers carried him and put him on her lap and off we went to the shelter.  


Wonder seems to be a case of abandonment because he knew how to sit and paw on day 1. He was also familiar with the leash even though he avoided it when we tried to wear for him. There is a suspicion that he could always be tied and hence he didn't quite like the leash. But once on the leash he was fine to be led around. We waited for 2 weeks and his vaccination to set in before we started small walks for him. Surprisingly too, he walks well. So that further affirms that he was abandoned. So common of families or people who take in puppies when they are cute and cuddly and when it is time for the humans to take on more responsibility such as walks, feeds, teach etc they choses the easy option of letting the dog go or come out with lame excuses such as downgrading, children, work busy and finance as if the humans don't have the mental capacity to foresee things 4-5 months ahead when they first decided to take the dog. Obviously Wonder is a case of some humans running away from responsibility and commitment. He must have been poorly taught or not taught at all too because he came to our shelter with no control on his play bites. Volunteers had bruises from his play bites on week 1 and 2 but from then onward, he is making improvements every week and he loves people.

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