Zacky Blessing

Cross Breed
  • Male
  • 4 yrs
  • HDB Approved
  • Kelly,


When his 3 siblings (Noah, Rainbow and Ella) were rescued about 3 weeks earlier, there was very little hope of getting Zacky because he most likely saw and heard them being taken away. Obviously from his perspective, he had not the slightest clue that they are taken to a better place. After 3 weeks of fruitless trapping, we were on the verge of giving up to find the last 2 puppies. But we persisted and we got the 4th puppy. 


Interestingly, Zacky was very calm when he got trapped. In so many years of rescue, this was the first time we saw a dog sleeping soundly in a trap. He was lying on the side of his body with his 4 legs stretched outward - a relaxed position. When we approached nearer, there was no bark or scream - just a soft growl of slight dissatisfaction from disturbing his sleep. He was easily handled with bare hands into a carrier. No struggle nor pee or poo which some dogs do when they are scared and first handled by humans. He ate some food when he arrived at the shelter. A few hours later, he was among the pack. He is a special dog - his eyes speak.

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