Ella Blessing

Cross Breed
  • Female
  • 3 yrs 10 mths
  • HDB Approved
  • Kelly, Blessings77777@gmail.com


Noah, Zacky, Rainbow and Ella were rescued respectively on 10th, 13th and 15 April 2019. The vet estimates them to be 3 month old at the point of rescue. They belong to a litter of 6 puppies. One of the siblings got ran over and we found the carcass completely flattened by the side of the road leading to expressway on 18 February 2019. It was a horrible sight. We sprung into action and quickly set up a trap in an attempt to rescue the remaining 5 pups when we discovered their presence. The dangers did not just include the fast moving vehicles and the expressway. We also spotted a huge python. However the plan was foiled by some smart aleck who insisted that we are trying to harm the pups even though we explained that this is a rescue mission. They sabotaged the trap and the puppies disappeared for the next 1 month or so. When we again spotted them in end March 2019, we resumed our rescue. Sadly we only managed to rescue 4 pups and we have no idea where has the other 1 has gone.


Ella is shy and slower to warming up but she is also as intelligent - learning tricks. This is a dog of hidden treasure who sits back to observe and learn. Given a good and consistent owner, a beautiful personality will surface out in no time.

To adopt Ella Blessing, please contact the number / email listed above or fill in the form at