Cross Breed
  • Female
  • 1 yr
  • Not HDB Approved
  • J, 96709109

Spunky little girl
Generally dog and human friendly but may take a while to warm up to over eager unfamiliar dogs 
Can self entertain when left alone 
Can sleep alone
Food motivated
Good to work on food aggression
Medium energy 

Commands : 
Sit, down, paw, wait, no, come, recall

Likes : 
Chewing on toys such as nylabone, rope toys

Dislikes : 
Rough handling.  
Use treats when introducing new things to her eg wearing harness.  Works really well on her.  Will sit and stay for treats and let you wear. 

Walks : 
Walk pretty well! 
Prefers harness to collars.  
Doesn’t like to feel the pressure on the neck. 
Enjoy sniffing
Good at finding other dogs' poops and birds' carcasses😀
She is an observer, will pause and look at surrounding. 
If she doesnt move when the leash is tightened (usually when she is fixated on something),  call out to her before a quick tug and she will move along. When unsure, she will retreat a bit and sit to observe 
May suddenly sit for treats. 
Watch out for bones during walks
Chase cockroaches, mice, and birds. 

An easy puppy 
Slow approaches on things new for positive experiences 
Continue to expose her to environment and daily living things in the house and outside

Sorry, this dog is no longer available for adoption