Cross Breed
  • Male
  • 10 yrs 6 mths
  • HDB Approved
  • OSCAS,

Shy, quiet and sweet

Charcoal was saved with 5 other dogs in a joint rescue between Chained Dog Awareness in Singapore, Action for Singapore Dogs and us. The dogs have been caged & chained for their whole lives.

Charcoal has health problems after a terrible life in awful conditions. His intestines have been pushed into the upper cavity, which has slightly dislodged his lungs. This makes him short of breath when he walks, so right now he’s only going on short walks as he gets used to life outside of a cage.

While we try our best at the shelter, a home with the right care would be better for Charcoal. He is very scared of cars so short walks in a quiet area with minimal traffic would be best for him, to help him to come out of his shell.

To adopt Charcoal, please contact the number / email listed above or fill in the following form below which will send an email to the welfare group:

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