Miracle Blessing

Cross breed
  • Female
  • 10 yrs 11 mths
  • HDB Approved
  • Kelly, Blessings77777@gmail.com

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Temperament / Personality:
Miracle is so-called because her existence is indeed a miraculous happening. Before she was captured by AVA, there was once when she was knocked by a car on her hind leg and started limping. Very soon she disappeared for a long 3 weeks. When she reappeared, she was emaciated. We thought she is going to die but she survived and she did well. Even that limping hind leg was completely restored and you will not see any abnormality in her walking at all. Her life is a miracle. Miracle is quiet dog but steady with a stable level of foundational confidence even when everything hit rock-bottom when she was being captured by AVA. This dog is rehome-able definitely if you could see it through.

History / Background:
Miracle was caught by AVA on 26 June 2013 because the management of Courts megastore kept complaining to AVA about them. She was badly traumatized in that capture and had to abort her 11 soon-to-be-born pups as a result.

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