Harvest Blessing

Cross breed
  • Male
  • 8 yrs 11 mths
  • Not HDB Approved
  • Kelly, Blessings77777@gmail.com

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Temperament / Personality:

Harvest and Eagle are the only brown toned puppies among the litter. Yet they are not exactly or entirely brown. It is a little difficult to ascertain now but there is some streaks of black and bronze /grey brown all mixed together and their chests have nice patterns of white portion.


Harvest has a little small white beard on the bottom of his mouth. He has a lighter tone brown than Eagle. His face has a little bit of wrinkles compared with his brother Eagle whose face is more defined.


In terms of personality, Harvest is affectionate and he loves to be hugged and touched.


In terms of personality, he is pretty confident. One can tell that Eagle is more witty because he likes to bully his siblings by biting their ears. Haha.



History / Background:

These 6 pups belong to a pack of dogs which we feed daily. We are still trying to rescue their mummy for sterilization and rehoming program, The pups were searched out on 15 August 2013 from deep inside a forested area. There are 5 boys and 1 gal. 



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