Ah Siao

Cross Breed
  • Male
  • 11 yrs 8 mths
  • HDB Approved
  • CAS, 9793 7162 / 9697 3491

Ah Siao is our gallant knight who is often seen protecting the girls. He does not take a liking to the male doggies but loves chilling with the ladies! Yet, he is such a cuddly little boy and loves being cradled. Ah Siao was rescued from a construction site as the foreman there deemed him fierce and a threat to the people in the area. We really cannot see how! Here he is with his favorite person, Marcus.Ah Siao is HDB approved and looking for a home to call his own. He would also love some awesome sponsors to spoil him with treats, long walks and cuddles

Sorry, this dog has been adopted