mixed breed
  • Female
  • 2021 yrs 5 mths
  • Not HDB Approved
  • Joan / Hilda / Arther, 90681278 / 91996662 / 94775123

Penny used to live with her family in a factory that was unsuitable for any dogs to be staying..

This Family of 6 was spotted

by a kind hearing impaired 

gentleman on his bike one day after work, he 

saw the father of the household "Macho" biting a bag

of leftover from a nearby dumping ground & followed him which was really quite a long distance even on the motor bike..

the leftover macho brought home was for his puppies and wife Penny..


This family is seperated now..we couldnt rescue Macho financially and also space contraint..


Penny and her three puppies was rescued and two of them Megan and Bupy was rehomed..( unfortunately both has ran away and we are still searching for them)

Penny and her last daughter Minky is under the shelter of Uncle Khoe's K9 now.


We really hope someone will stand forward to adopt Penny as she is a very responsible mother and have good temperament!