Blessing Blessing

Cross Breed
  • Female
  • 11 yrs 1 mth
  • HDB Approved
  • Kelly,

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Temperament / Personality:

Blessing is a submissive and shy girl who crave human companion without knowing it. She'll peek at you when she thinks you're not looking at her, and would patiently wait for her food during feeding time. She's very shy and timid with humans due to bad experiences. But given time, we believe she can warm up to people if enough time, love and patience is given to her.

History / Background: 

Blessing cuts a solitary figure in the parking lot of an industrial/commercial compound in Ang Mo Kio. She darts around cars and people everyday. She is fed by the gardener and office staffs and was witnessed to have delivered 2 litters of pups. Blessing is a very conscientious mother. She tries to hide her pups from harm and ensure they don't go hungry by throwing out food she had eaten to feed them. However, the challenges of the environment, lack of food and danger surrounding them (her pups were run over by cars) makes it difficult to keep her babies. She would cry and search for them whenever they go missing. She's also wary of humans as she was chased by AVA before but manged to escape from them. Despite that, Blessing is a gentle girl though she needs a little time to warm up to people. She was rescued in April 2014.

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