• Male
  • 5 yrs 3 mths
  • Not HDB Approved
  • ASL, 97659951/astrayslife@yahoo.com

Kopi-O has been waiting for quite some time for his forever home.. This boy has been overlooked time and time again, whether it may be his size is too big for some, or perhaps he looks like a big scary black dog, but in fact, deep down, he is just a soft cuddly teddy bear who just wants to be loved. 

He is best suited in a home where he can be the only dog, a female canine friend would be ok too.Kopi-O is fully outdoor trained and as long as his family can commit to taking him out to pee/poo regularly, he will do just fine. He has never been destructive since young and is happy to stay at home by himself. 

Kopi-O can be rather protective of his home and family, thus has a loud bark. He needs a firm owner to tell him 'no' and he will keep quiet. He enjoys long walks and a swim at the beach occasionally and his favourite would be a back scratch. He will come and rub his whole body on you if he knows you have nothing to do and should shower him some attention. 

Kopi-O is the size of a labrador, is vaccinated, microchipped and desexed. He is non-HDB approved due to his size. 

Please CALL 97659951 or EMAIL astrayslife@yahoo.com if he sounds like the boy for you!



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