Dai Xin

Local Breed
  • Female
  • 11 yrs 5 mths
  • Not HDB Approved
  • GPF, 81263950, WhatsApp preferred farmwaylove@gmail.com

Dai Xin or Xin Xin as she is affectionately known was rescued as a puppy with two of her sisters. Unfortunately, both her sisters Dai Xi and Dai Jing both left us before their time from separate bouts of illness. Xin Xin was particularly close to Dai Xi. They would do eat, sleep, play together and even bully other dogs together. We’d often call this pair of naughty sisters our “tag team”. 

After Dai Xi left, Xin Xin found herself picking up the pieces alone. For a period of time, she regressed and began to face problems while on her walks. She would freeze in the middle of nowhere and refused to budge no matter how we coaxed. They say that time heals all wounds, don’t they? We are pleased to share that over the months, Xin Xin has gradually regained her love for walks. She has also grown close to a fellow shelter dog, Denny, with whom she is housed. Denny has since found a loving home and Xin Xin is left alone again to fend for herself. Daixin is a survivor. She is never choosy when it comes to food; she is friendly with people and walks well on leash. On weekends, she enjoys her deserving walks and shower but bears with the little attention shown to her as compared to other more popular dogs at the shelter. Daixin has the street-dog look which puts her at a disadvantage. So many years in the shelter, she was never selected for homestay. From a puppy to an elder dog, she is still waiting patiently for someone to give her a chance. A deserving chance. We don’t wish for her to live out her life at the shelter. Let her feel the warmth a home can provide. Xin Xin is up for adoption! 

For adoption enquiries, please email us at farmwaylove@gmail.com.

Sorry, this dog has been adopted