Local Breed
  • Female
  • 8 yrs 1 mth
  • HDB Approved
  • GPF, 81263950, WhatsApp preferred

Deena was rescued together with her four other siblings when they were just three months old. We had been feeding their stray mother for months but she refused to let her guard down. Their mom would eat the food we laid out for her but she never let us come close. When Deena and her siblings were weaned, she would carry the plastic bags of food we prepared by her mouth and bring them back to where she hid her puppies. Eventually though, the puppies started growing bigger and more curious. When they were old enough to leave their mother, we took them in.  

Deena had an identical twin sister in the litter. They looked startlingly alike but their lives took on vastly diverse paths. Her sister Deborah was adopted barely one month after their rescue and became a treasured member of her human family. Deena on the other hand remained at the shelter. Subsequently, we was housed with Dabu, who was slightly older than her and 12 other Dorabies (our short legged, floppy eared puppies born by Dora) who were all rehomed. 

Time at the shelter however was certainly not time wasted. Deena underwent some basic obedience training with us and proved herself to be bright and intelligent. She now walks beautifully on a leash and has mastered basic commands like “heel”, “sit” and “stay”. She has an explicable love for balls and is always game for a game of fetch. Watching Deena grow up, she has always been a very friendly and affectionate girl. She loves wriggling her head out of the small hole at the door of her kennel just so she can get your attention. She would always eagerly approach the volunteers when they enter her kennel for a pat or two. I am not sure what changed long the way. Perhaps humans have disappointed her too many times. Deena has grown wary of new faces, she would growl and snap at new faces when they try to pat her. This has caused her many missed opportunities of trial homestay. She has built a wall to protect herself from heartaches, which can come crumbling down with some patience and love. Deena is looking for a home! 

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