Tong Tong

Local Breed
  • Female
  • 7 yrs 11 mths
  • Not HDB Approved
  • GPF, 81263950, WhatsApp preferred

She was adopted when she was two months old. 

Almost two years later, the adoption broke down. The family said they were facing some aggression issues with her. They told us they had sent her for training with two trainers but the issue persisted. 

So on December 2014, they sent her back. Her name is Tong Tong. We used to know her a long time ago. She was rescued from a heavy vehicle car park and handed over to us. She was a little furball then whom we would cradle and cuddle. Two years on, we barely recognise her.

Tong Tong isolated herself from the rest of the dogs in the kennel on her first couple of days back at the shelter. This was foreign land and all these other dogs were barking at her like she was an alien, which she was in a sense. She was on the defensive throughout and would growl at the others when they came near. She wouldn't let her guard down all day. It must have been tiring. She had a hard time adjusting to shelter life. She was bullied by her kennelmates, which left another scar on her. She became more defensive and wary and developed a strong fear of the leash.

She is now happily housed with two other dogs in the bigger kennel where she can be seen running about and chasing them. However, she is still fearful of the leash. She whine and snap when you approach her with the leash. She struggles and yelps. It’s heart breaking to see her so fearful. All dogs love the outdoors, exploring around and sniffing the different complex scents to make some sense out of them. Only a selected few are able to walk her. I believe something broke inside her that made her this way. Something, I hope wouldn’t stay broke forever. Love conquers all. With perseverance and love, she would get better. Would you be brave enough to help mend this broken soul?

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