Local Cross
  • Male
  • 9 yrs 8 mths
  • Not HDB Approved
  • ASD, info@asdsingapore.com

Description: Polo is a loveable and goofy boy who loves meeting people and making new friends. He loves his food and walks great on leash.

History: Polo was living at a factory in Pioneer Road with another dog when the management surrendered them both to the authorities. After we claimed the two dogs from the pound, we sent them to the vet for a health check out and discovered that both had contracted distemper, a deadly and contagious disease. They were warded immediately and spent one month in an isolation ward. Polo managed to pull through but unfortunately the other dog did not make it. Today, Polo is free from distemper and in the pink of health though he still has a slight twitch, a lingering symptom of the disease.

Sorry, this dog has been adopted