Belgian Shepherd
  • Female
  • 6 yrs 11 mths
  • Not HDB Approved
  • CAS, 9793 7162 / 9697 3491 / adoption@causesforanimals.

Bindy is a 1.5 years old pure Belgian Shepherd with papers to certify. She is still learning to walk on leash and does not share her food or toys. She is learning to be a better canine companion and will need experienced owners. If you can give Bindy the Belgian Shepherd a home to call her own, please contact us. She was found in the forested area.

Background: Bindy appeared one day all alone. She stood in front of the CAS van when we were on our way to the CAS Adoption Centre. We were shocked. Not by the fact that a dog was in front of us but we were appalled by the horrid condition she was in.

We stopped and immediately took out some can food. We thought Bindy would run away or watch from a distance like most wary street dogs. Bindy didn't run. She just swallowed all the food we placed on the ground. She chomped so hard. Bindy broke our hearts. We thought we had seen it all. Bindy was a starving soul and she ate like she hadn't eaten for days or maybe weeks. The saddest part was yet to come. Bindy jumped on us and gave us a kiss. She then looked at the CAS van as if asking for more. We had no room so we fed Bindy and left. We came back twice daily to feed her and we soon realized, Bindy was no street dog and so affectionate and so trusting of humans. 

A few days later, Bindy returned with a maggot wound and several puncture wounds. We guess the other dogs didn't welcome her as part of their pack and so she was hiding in the bushes with no shelter and no food. We had to take Bindy in and treat her. Bindy has since been on the road to recovery. She has recovered well and put on lots of weight. We did manage to trace her back to her owners who no longer want her sadly. 

To adopt Bindy, please contact the number / email listed above or fill in the following form below which will send an email to the welfare group:

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