Local Breed
  • Female
  • 8 yrs
  • HDB Approved
  • GPF, 81263950, WhatsApp preferred farmwaylove@gmail.com

Darcy was rescued when she walked up to us one day in the area where we stray fed looking worse for wear. We had never seen her before. Her skin was in dreadful condition. Half her body was furless and scaly. Darcy was also famished and badly dehydrated. She also looked like she had given birth many times over. She was too weak to put up a resistance when we looped a leash over her and brought her back. It turned out that Darcy had a terrible case of ringworm. After many trips to the vet and many prolonged, protest-filled, coconut enriched baths, her skin still isn’t great. Because of her consistent rubbing and scratching, she has had multiple aural hematomas which explain her crumply ears. 

Darcy is friendly. She genuinely likes people and going for walks. But we can't give her belly rub or a ear scratch like the rest of our dogs. We have learnt to be more cautious when we play with her Because of her skin issues, she is very sensitive on some parts of her body. She will yelp, squeal and be a tad snappy when we touch those parts. It is more a defense mechanism than a sign of any aggression. Because Darcy really loves to play, in a way she knows how to, she is telling us hey, that hurts! Most times, we do not think it really hurts now that her coat has healed. She has just been so used to feeling pain in those areas that crying out when we touch has become second nature to her. One endearing trait of Darcy is her hearty appetite, she would enthusiastically receive whatever food we offered her, makes us feel darn good of our culinary skill!! 

Not all dogs are like those effervescent, near perfect puppies you see in Super Bowl advertisements. Dogs really do come in all personalities and packages. Just like people, they need to be embraced for who they are. Only in such an environment can they emerge to become the best that they can be. Are you prepared to love Darcy for who she is and how she looks? 

For adoption enquiries, please email us at farmwaylove@gmail.com.


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